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Residential Structural Engineer in Perth

A residential structural engineer applies knowledge of physics and materials to ensure that a house or residential building can withstand the stresses imposed by the environment and its own weight. The structural engineer works in conjunction with the architect on new buildings or major renovations, and it is always prudent to have a residential engineer look over any proposed minor renovations in the home.

Choose BRIC Consulting Engineers in Perth

We are the residential structural engineer in Perth of choice, for homeowners, builders, contractors, and architects. Our expertise includes new constructions, and certifications for existing structures.

New Residential

  • Single Storey Residences

  • Double Storey Residences

  • Triple Storey Residences

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Modular Construction


Supplemental Structures

  • Suspended Floor System Design

  • Footing, Foundation, and Ground Slab Design

  • Piling Details

  • Retaining Wall / Planter Box Design

  • Brick Screen Walls / Letterbox Design

  • Concrete Swimming Pool Design

  • Patios, Shade Sails & Gazebos Certifications

  • Free-standing Carport Design

Residential Alterations and Extensions

  • Existing Residence Structural Adequacy Reporting

  • Retrospective Approvals Site Visit and Reporting

  • Extensions / Additions

  • Wall Removals / Structural Modifications


Residential Structural Engineer in Perth

We are available for all types and sizes of residential structural engineering jobs in Perth and surrounding areas because only a qualified engineer can assess the importance of a structural deviation and its effect on the integrity of the building. Consult with us to determine the safety of your renovations or new residential constructions.

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