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Certify Your Building with a Surveyor in Perth

Whether for residential or commercial properties, we have the surveyor around Perth you need. Our qualified professionals can provide you with assessments for the quality of your buildings. We advise on everything from design to construction, maintenance to repairs.

What You Can Expect from Our Building Surveying in Perth

When you need a registered building surveyor, we can provide one for various tasks. Here are the processes our surveyors can assist you with:


  • Building Certifications for Residential and Commercial Projects

  • Design Consultation to Achieve BCA Compliance 

  • Help with Council Approval Process

  • CDC (Certificate of Design Compliance)

  • Geotechnical Investigations 

  • BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Reports

  • Energy Efficiency Reporting 

  • Change of Use

Registered Building Surveyor

Get Detailed Reports with a Private Building Surveyor Today

Call us today or use our real-time chat feature on our website to discuss when and where you need a surveyor. Also, consider browsing our other services, such as architectural design, structural inspections, or even pre-purchase inspections. With BRIC Consulting Engineers, you always get the complete picture for your properties.

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