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Commercial Structural Engineer in Perth

A commercial structural engineer ensures that the design or modifications to commercial buildings and structures are sound and safe for general use. Structural engineering is a diverse field, and includes warehouses, factories, bridges, mining activities, and public buildings. 

Comprehensive Construction Phase Support in Perth

BRIC Consulting Engineers have been successfully involved in road, bridge, and rail construction phase support (CPS), coordinating efficiently between the design team and the various construction contractors on site. We aim to ensure that the engineering documentation is built to the highest quality, and we will assist with CPS on your next project.


In addition to CPS, we have worked on the following commercial and industrial projects, ensuring their structural integrity on all levels:


  • Commercial and Office Buildings – Child Care Centres, Sporting Club Rooms, Schools, Medical Centres, and Children's Playground Equipment.

  • Industrial Buildings – Pipe Racks and Mezzanine Floors.

  • Warehouses – Tilt-Up Panel Construction.

  • Mining Structures – Factory components and storage.


About BRIC Consulting Engineers in Perth

We are a team of dedicated and licensed structural engineers in the Perth area. We also consult for the structural certification of existing buildings and renovations, including retrospective compliance certificates.


Project in Hazelmere Perth WA.

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