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Are you Looking for Project Management in Perth?

When it comes to project management in Perth, BRIC Consulting offers a range of project management services. These range from construction management to client representation, superintendence, planning and supervision. Our services are flexible and can be adapted to any project within the urban development, construction, infrastructure, verification or building service sectors.


We also offer Programme Management Office (PMO) services. These refer to the activities and functions to support programme and project management. PMOs are a centralised hub for project and programme-related information that informs governance, standards and methodologies to ensure consistency and alignment with company aims.

As experienced and professional project managers in Perth, we provide extensive services for the Western Australian market for clients in a variety of project sectors, including:


  • Commercial

  • Government

  • Logistics and industrial

  • Residential

  • Transport

We offer the following services:

  • Project management consultants in Perth

  • Acting as the client representative 

  • Contract management and administration

  • Superintendence

  • Independent verification and certification 

  • Tender management 

  • Contract preparation

  • Risk management

  • Defect management

Project Management in Perth

We Provide External Advice and Expertise

Traditionally, many industrial or commercial projects require a lot of experience for them to be successful, and many clients lack this expertise. A project management consultancy such as BRIC Consulting provides external advice and expertise for any client undertaking a major project. 


As a project management consultancy, we help deliver projects for clients at a fee while ensuring their successful outcomes.

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