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Bring Concepts to Life with Architectural Drawings in Perth

At BRIC Consulting Engineers, we can provide a highly qualified team of draftees well-equipped to provide architectural drawings in Perth. Our work areas include single-storey or two-storey properties, patios, and even landscaping. From concept to council approval, we’re the team for you.

Our Process for Providing Architectural Drawings

Our team has a consistent system that brings results. Here is what you can expect from our process if you need architectural services:

  • Initial Consultation.

You let us know what you need and by when you need it.

  • Quote.

We estimate the cost of everything you need. 

  • Design.

We start designing based on your requirements and get approval as we progress.

  • Council Approval.

After you approve the finished designs, we will start getting the relevant council approvals.

Architectural Working Drawing

Book Our Architectural Services Now

If you need a highly qualified and experienced team to assist you with architectural services, contact us, and we can discuss your requirements. Alternatively, consider browsing our other services, such as building surveying or structural reports.

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